Antequera Guided Tour

A crossroads between art, culture and history

The essentials

  • Visit Antequera with a certified guide and discover the Spanish city with the highest number of churches per inhabitant.
  • Take the tour at your own pace, with time to contemplate the monuments and take some pictures comfortably.
  • Tickets to the Alcazaba of Antequera are included.

¡Salga el sol por Antequera!

Apparently, this is what Saint Euphemia told the Infante Don Fernando of Aragon in a dream. The next day, he led the Christian troops to conquer the ancient Antikaria.  

Note that this is only one of the legends surrounding this story. We will tell you more about them during the tour.

We will start in the Alcazaba of Antequera, also known as the castle of Papabellotas. Even today we don’t really know the exact year it was built.

However, it is undeniable that it became a strategic defensive building for the ancient Muslim city, and also during Christian times.

And, speaking about Christians, we’ll continue our tour by visiting the Royal Collegiate Church of Saint Mary Major.

It is one of the main religious centers in the region, but its real treasure is that it was the first Renaissance-style building in Andalusia.

From here, we go to the Arco de los Gigantes, an arch that was raised 7 meters up in 1585, decorated with statues and Latin tombstones found in the area.

You cannot leave Antequera without taking a look, at least from a distance, at Peña de los Enamorados (“Lover’s Rock”). 

This hill’s shape quite peculiar. Legend says it was the setting for a love story with a tragic ending; don’t worry, you will have all the details during the tour.

The last point of interest is Plaza del Coso Viejo, also known as Plaza de las Verduras.

There is actually a lot to see here: the Nájera Palace, which houses the City Museum, the Convent of Saint Catherine of Siena and an equestrian statue of the Infante Don Fernando, conqueror of the city.

Oh! And remember that you can complete your guided tour of Antequera with a walk through prehistoric times visiting the…


  • Meeting point at the Alcazaba of Antequera
  • Royal Collegiate Church of Saint Mary Major
  • Arco de los Gigantes
  • Peña de los enamorados
  • Plaza del Coso Viejo


Antequera Dolmens Site

It is important to know that they are outside the city, about 10 minutes by car.

The archaeological site consists of three dolmens: the Dolmen of Menga, Dolmen of Viera and Tholos of El Romeral.

It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2016, and we assure you that it is really worth a visit.

Entrada al Dólmen de Menga en Antequera


Certified local guide just for you

Literally for you: to answer your questions, provide recommendations and help you with anything you need.

Tickets to the Alcazaba are included

You won’t have to wait in line.

Radio guides

So you can explore at your own pace without missing out on any detail and also keep a safe distance at all times.

You set the pace

You will have time to contemplate the monuments and take photos. No rush.

Non accessible route

This visit is not appropriate for people with reduced mobility, due to the architecture of the old town.

Cancel free of charge

If your plans change at least 48 hours before the visit, you will get a refund.

With all the safety measures, of course

These are our safety and hygiene measures, which you must also follow during the tour.

Keep a safe distance from the guide and people outside the group.

Use hydroalcoholic gel as often as necessary; it will be available to you throughout the tour

Wear your face mask at all times, both outdoors and inside the monuments

We adapt the maximum number of people per group according to the regulations applicable at any given time.

Everything you need to know about this guided tour of Antequera

  • Certified local guide in English; ask us for other languages.
  • Radio guides for all participants.
  • Tickets to the Alcazaba of Antequera.
  • Round trip transportation to the city.
  • Food and/or drinks.
  • Málaga enjoys bright sunshine 300 days a year, so wear sunscreen, even in winter!
  • You will probably also need your sunglasses.
  • Although the distances are not long, bring comfortable shoes, you will feel much better.
  • As for clothing, remember that the climate in the city is temperate, but it far from the sea. In winter it’s around 10ºC and in summer it’s 30ºC.
  • Don’t forget to bring a bottle of water with you; if it’s plastic-free, our region will appreciate it.

Where do you want to meet?

Your guide will be waiting for you at the agreed-upon time at the Plaza del Coso Viejo of Antequera.

We are easy to spot: we always carry a sign with the CM City Tours logo on it.

Visita guiada a Antequera: meeting point

So, what do you think: will you come on a guided tour of Antequera?

The tour in a nutshell

Spend the day exploring one of the most important historical cities in Andalusia.

Enjoy a tour at your own pace, with time for whatever you want.

Have a certified local guide just for you, with all safety precautions.

Do you have any questions?

Answer them here

Are tickets included?

This guided tour of Antequera includes the tickets to visit the Alcazaba. If you want to visit the interior of any other monument, please tell us when you make your reservation.

I would like to visit the interior of one of Antequera's monuments. Is it possible?

Of course!

Come here and tell us what monuments you’d like to see. We’ll organize your custom guided tour in a heartbeat.

Where do I meet the guide?

The meeting point is at the Alcazaba of Antequera To recognise us, simply look for the sign with the CM City Tours logo.

For your convenience, we will send you the contact details of your guide when you confirm your visit.

What if I have a last-minute change of plans?

Contact us at or WhatsApp +34 625 92 41 96 to let us know. We’ll find the best possible solution.

Will the tour be cancelled if it rains or the weather is bad?

The visit will take place unless there are official weather warnings. In that case, we will contact you beforehand to inform you and reschedule the visit.

Can I bring my pet on this guided tour of Antequera?

We love pets, but they can’t join us on this walk, We will enter some spaces that do not allow animals in.

If I can't travel because of movement restrictions, will I get my money back?

Yes; if you are unable to visit us due to movement restrictions, please contact us to cancel your visit.

All clear?

Then book now

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